An ideal opportunity for carpenters and fitters who are looking to quickly and reliably meet the demand for solid ecological houses.

Reliable quality

You can always count on the fact that all iQwood products are made with the utmost attention to detail when it comes to their dimensions. Windows, doors and additional parts can be ordered concurrently and installed as needed. To ensure the best quality and sustainability, all steps of the process – from the design, felling, drying, profiling and joining to the transport and construction – are managed with iQwood’s iQM system.

Short delivery times

We are aware that faster delivery means faster earnings for our partners. We have therefore optimised our processes so that iQwood elements can be delivered quicker than other similar wooden structures, even just in time.

Lightning-quick and simple installation

Building with iQwood is as simple as putting together Lego bricks. Along with the building elements, you will also receive an animated video with stacking instructions. In just a few days, you can assemble a house which is completely safe from moisture, which in turn greatly shortens the time until billing or moving in. Our installation specialist can be present during the installation to supervise it.

Certified and patented

You can prove the quality to any customer, at any time. iQwood building elements for walls, ceilings and roofs are tested and certified by independent European institutes. iQwood is patented and trademarked all over Europe. However, we are always developing and improving it to make it even safer, more comfortable and more durable.

New customers

By adding the construction of solid wooden houses to the range of your services, you will expand the pool of potential clients without any fear of losing your existing customers. People who are on the market for solid wooden homes are different from those who are looking for skeletal and other wooden houses. The eco-friendly origin of wood and the 100% wooden structure with no glue or chemicals will convince even the most demanding proponents of health-conscious living.

Become a partner

Let’s talk about how we can work together. If you want to set up a meeting or have any questions, write to us at,
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