iQwood is the most well-thought-out wooden house on the market in terms of statics, architectural design and costs.

Architectural design without compromise

iQwood adapts to the architectural design, not the other way around. It allows for up to 12-meter-wide spans without columns and open space designs with lots of glass surfaces. There are no visible dowels on the outside of the wall. The walls do not have to be tens of centimetres thick; the wood permits the construction of very thin load-bearing walls with a thickness of only nine centimetres. Architects and designers enjoy complete freedom with iQwood – as well as our full, detailed support throughout the design phase. Nothing is impossible.

Practical flexibility

The external insulation allows for unlimited flexibility in design, even in combination with steel. Combining wood with loam is also an option. The installation of blinds is simple, as they are fitted on the outside the structure. The grooves for the blinds can be made in advance during the production phase, which greatly facilitates the installation.

Longer lifetime

Thanks to external insulation, the entire iQwood structure is located on the warm side of the walls. As a result, there is no risk of condensation, which could compromise the structure’s strength or durability, collecting within the structure. With proper maintenance and in normal conditions, the durability of the solid wood structure in an iQwood home is practically unlimited.

Exceptional fire safety

Due to its unique construction, an iQwood wall is much safer in the event of a fire compared to masonry, concrete or wooden skeletal walls. In the event of a fire, an iQwood wall does not burn, it carbonizes very slowly. This creates a natural self-protective layer against fire and maintains the wall’s static strength. Reinforced concrete or brick structures have much lower fire resistance and lose their structural integrity quicker. Even flooding has no lasting detrimental effect on iQwood, as opposed to glued wooden structures.

Excellent earthquake resistance

Since the walls, the ceilings and the roof can be made from the same elements, they form an extremely compact, solid and airtight construction, suitable even for the windiest of areas. Due to its flexibility, it is also significantly more resistant in the event of an earthquake compared to houses built with conventional rigid building materials, even during the strongest seismic shocks.

Record-breaking insulation

iQwood walls are world record holders in thermal insulation. No other load-bearing building material – including wooden beams or glued beams – provides better insulation. The large mass of cross-stacked and dowelled wood ensures exceptional heat accumulation which far exceeds that of conventional prefabricated constructions and is also suitable for passive houses. At the same time, the solid structure provides natural sound insulation, better than the one found in conventionally built homes.

Good for your health

iQwood is not treated with any chemical agents and therefore does not contain any allergens or other harmful substances. Natural and eco-friendly, iQwood provides a pleasant atmosphere and optimal indoor humidity. Because it does not create a static charge, there is less dust in the house. Additionally, mould cannot grow in these conditions, which is why iQwood is very suitable for people suffering from allergies. The eco-friendly solid wood wall offers almost total protection from high-frequency radiation in your surroundings.

Pleasant comfort

The solid iQwood provides exceptional thermal insulation suitable for passive houses and excellent heat retention too. The wood helps with balancing the temperature, thus enabling more efficient heating and cooling. The multi-layered, airtight construction of iQwood also contributes to excellent sound proofing and creates pleasant acoustics in the room. It is nice and warm to the touch, has a nice smell and neutralizes any unpleasant odours.

Environmentally friendly

iQwood structures are completely natural. They are made of gently dried alpine wood, extremely stable and resistant to pests. Our FSC certification is proof that all of our wood comes from sustainably managed forests. Our production does not contribute to CO2 emissions; they are even reduced by low energy consumption for heating and cooling. iQwood is completely recyclable.

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