iQwood: what the best wooden eco-friendly homes are made of.

People have wanted to live in a healthy, safe and comfortable environment since ancient times.
iQwood represents the best embodiment of these wishes.

What is iQwood?

iQwood is a patented, solid, extremely stable and safe wooden structure, made exclusively of solid alpine wood and without any adhesives, chemicals or metals. It consists of cross-stacked wooden boards, firmly and permanently joined with solid wooden dowels.
The dowels are not visible on the outside, which makes iQwood suitable for constructing the walls and roofs of the most beautiful solid wooden homes.

iQwood innovation

We builds construction systems designed for unique, beautiful, healthy and natural homes. We also develop machines used for the construction of such homes, specifically for the production process, and have in place a distribution network to deliver structures across Europe. We combine the knowledge of our ancestors, who mastered the wood construction techniques, with the latest computer-guided technologies.

Innovation and care

Exclusive, environment-friendly wood cut down at the exact right time ensures a long lifespan of the structure and a living space of the highest quality. Our core principles revolve around sincere respect for everyone we work with and excellence in everything we do while making our best efforts to reach the highest level of aesthetics and creativity, which is our most powerful driving force.

Top quality of living

Our ancestors were aware that environmentally friendly wood, cut at specific time, ensures a long service life of the structure and provides a superior living space.

Become a partner

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